The world has gone global and coaches interact with clients from all over the world. Technology has made cross-border coaching much more accessible and today’s coaches must become culturally agile to succeed with international clients.


The Certification in Intercultural Coaching is a joint initiative by KnowledgeWorkx and the North Point Academy. It aims to bring together the expertise and the experience of the two companies and help coaches enhance their skills and become Interculturally Agile Coaches.


Sarah Anthony and Matt Trenchard, co-founders of North Point, have both worked in the UAE as coaches with peoples of almost all backgrounds and from many different walks of life, from directors of multi-nations companies to eager entrepreneurs just setting out.

They created the NPA Certificate in Professional Coaching to meet a growing need for coaches and coaching skills that are authentic to how we and others in the region understand the world to be. Over the past 3 years, North Point now has over 70 coaches who have graduated using their methodology and is expanding into the UK market in 2019.

The founders of KnowledgeWorkx started the company because they consistently found themselves doing cultural advising while consulting on strategic planning. One could not be separated from the other.

Thus KnowledgeWorkx was launched with a vision to create a new framework for understanding problems and creating solutions. One that is accurate, integrated and innovative. Since its inception, KnowledgeWorkx products have evolved and been tested over 70 countries on five continents, and proven to be globally effective.


Our purpose

Equip people and organizations to thrive in an interculturally complex and global world

Our purpose

Helping others to "becoming alive to ourselves and awake to others."


Marco is the founder and director of KnowledgeWorkx and a true international citizen having lived in 6 countries and worked in over 70 countries on all continents. He speaks 5 languages and holds degrees in economics and strategic marketing management. As an author and developer of self-cultural analysis tools like the “Three Colors of Worldview” and the “Cultural Mapping inventory”, Marco has a deep and practical understanding of what it takes to develop Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI).

Sarah has been a professionally certified coach since 2006, and specialises in leadership and team coaching. For over a decade she worked in aviation, where she was responsible for managing teams from different multicultural backgrounds, needing to establish rapport and a common purpose in a short timeframe. As co-founder of North Point, she is passionate about developing coaches through North Point’s transformational coaching methodologies. She recently returned to the UK, after 19 years in Dubai, to set up the UK branch of North Point.

Matt is an internationally credentialed coach of 10 years’ experience, founder of North Point and a past president of the Dubai chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Originally from the UK, now based in Dubai since 2006, his primary area of coaching expertise is leadership transformation. His core skills lie in connecting with his clients’ internal worlds to assist them in finding the way forwards through their own geography of the heart. In addition, Matt facilitates the development of coaches through North Point Academy.

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Developing Interculturally Agile Coaches