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Communication is Hard

Communicating across culture is even harder

Discover your Cultural Communication Style

Imagine being able to look at the person in front of you and understand exactly where cultural communication differences exist between you and them.

That is Intercultural Agility.


Are you a direct or indirect communicator? Can you adapt to coach those who are opposite you?


Discover your personal cultural communication style and how to increase your impact in coaching with this quiz and report from the Culture Mapping Inventory.”



Ready for the next step? Join our intercultural coaching training

Take the free Quiz

Embark on a transformative journey to bring Intercultural Agility into your coaching



If you have a busy schedule, these modules were designed for you. Start becoming an interculturally agile coach right away with modules designed to be practical and immediately applicable.

Imagine a future where you can:




Seamlessly navigate diverse cultural contexts

Break Cultural Barrier


Break down barriers and connect deeply with clients from around the world.

Broaden Your Coaching


Boost your coaching expertise to broaden your career opportunities

The Intercultural Coaching Development Modules will infuse your coaching with intercultural agility to equip you with coaching skills to help you and your client navigate culture’s unexplored territories.

Each module is a 9-hour intensive journey, with:

  • Live sessions with a coaching cohort

  • Self-paced learning

  • Hands-on coaching practice

  • 9 ICF CCEU's for each completed module

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