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 The Three Colors of Worldview

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Thrive in an intercultural world

Working in multi-cultural environments can be a challenge.
What if you could learn to thrive interculturally with people from all over the world? Develop Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI), and you can.
Start here with the foundational drivers of culture: Honor/Shame, Power/Fear, and Innocence/Guilt.

High-performing intercultural teams create a culture where team members:

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Learning cultural Do’s and Don’ts for every culture won’t cut it in today’s world, even if that were possible. You need to up your game.
The Three Colors of Worldview will equip you to develop trust and bridge cultural gaps in even the most challenging intercultural environments. We’ve refined this tool through more than 15 years of providing consulting, learning and coaching solutions on every continent and in over 60 countries. We’ve worked with large and small organizations.
Our clients are from a variety of industries and academic institutions, some employing more than 150 nationalities in over 100 countries. We’ve worked together to apply the Three Colors to developing high-performing intercultural teams, global leadership development, globalizing the DNA of organizational cultures, interculturalizing HR practices and integrating cultures for mergers and acquisitions.

Analyze the intercultural dynamics of any situation

              Develop powerful adaptation strategies

                             Successfully navigate culturally diverse environments


The Discovery Tool is a great starting point for your inter-cultural intelligence journey, and for increasing your effectiveness in intercultural communication. Shed light on the beliefs and assumptions underlying behavior and culture by discovering your unique blend of worldviews. Our Discovery Tool consists of our online test of 25 questions, and a personalized 16-page report generated for you following the completion of the test.

The Three Colors of Worldview Discovery Tool is part of the Certification in Intercultural Coaching

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