Nic Labuschagne, 

Senior Director of Strategy, APCO Worldwide

I have had the benefit of receiving coaching training from both North Point Academy and KnowledgeWorkx. The two modalities complement one another really well: NPA uses a very intuitive approach to coaching in the form of a journey that provides an easily understood framework for the coaching engagement. KnowledgeWorkx’s Intercultural Intelligence coaching course combines a deep understanding of worldviews with our preferred ways of interacting with each other in complex intercultural settings as tools to help us better understand and manage high performance intercultural teams. The journey and the intercultural intelligence approach intertwine to provide an incredibly rich and insightful experience for both the coach and the coachees.

Mélanie Lapointe

Founder, Blooming Eloquence

Proud graduate of both North Point Academy as a Coach and Intercultural Facilitator from KnowledgeWorkx I see the benefits of offering these two courses on a joined initiative as exponentials. This unique training program will enable the deep and rich material of KnowledgeWorkx to properly shine through the coaching tools of North Point Academy. Both content and tools are highly practical and insightful to navigate today's world with profesionnal credibility. They are a perfect complement for coaches desiring to thrive on assisting their coachees facing intercultural challenges, applying research based methodologies.

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