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You are already a powerful coach working in diverse intercultural environments

Your clients look to you to guide them through the complexities of the world around them.

With Intercultural Coaching you will be equipped to guide your clients through the complexities of culture. With assessments and tools to take your coaching to the next level, you can unlock a world of global clients.
Your clients can feel confident that they are working with someone highly skilled in both coaching and intercultural agility.

Journey Options

Flagship Certification

The Flagship Certification in Intercultural Coaching is a bundled 5-6-month learning journey design to equip you with a structured method to coach interculturally.

Modular Certification

If you have a busy schedule, this option is for you. Start becoming an interculturally agile coach right away with modules designed to be practical and immediately applicable.


“I would highly recommend this to any coach who would want to embrace different and alternative perspectives into their coaching practice.”

Paul White
Executive and Career Coach,
ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)



The Certification in Intercultural Coaching is a joint initiative by KnowledgeWorkx and the North Point Academy. It aims to bring together the expertise and the experience of the two companies and help coaches enhance their skills and become Interculturally Agile Coaches.

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North Point Academy exists to help people achieve a grander vision for their life and help others do the same. The founders were based in Dubai for more than 10 years and have worked, as coaches, with peoples of almost all backgrounds and from many different walk of life, from directors of multi-nations companies to eager entrepreneurs just setting out.


KnowledgeWorkx was launched with a vision to create a new framework with Intercultural Intelligence at its core for understanding problems and creating accurate, creative, and innovative solutions. Since its inception, KnowledgeWorkx products have evolved and been tested in close to 70 countries on five continents and proven to be globally effective.

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Certificate in Intercultural Coaching


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