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Look How Far We've Come!

Updated: May 21, 2020

This is the eighth and final article in our series on Creating Coaching Cultures. This series of articles is primarily focussed at HR and Development professionals wanting to transform the culture of their organisation and are seeing the potential of embedding coaching abilities within their organisation to achieve these goals. In this series, we’ll hear from professionals in the region and learn from their experience, struggles and successes.

Last week's article helped us to gather our team of supporters, our “fellowship of the ring”, to help us overcome the likely obstacles to creating your coaching cultures. Today, we’re pausing to look back and see what we’ve done and what wisdom we can draw from the process. We’ll also be checking in on the competition as we now have our finalists.

Later in this article we will be referring you to our “Coaching Culture Canvas” tool. You can download your copy here. Today we’re focussing on the section titled, “Recognise.”

Yes, look how far you’ve come!

“This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill

We’ve come to the end of quite a journey together. Perhaps I may remind you of what we achieved. Would that be helpful? We began all the way back on 5th April looking out into the future with, perhaps, only the imagination of what we could do to serve our organisation in building a coaching culture. Now, looking back, we see that we identified our current pains and hurts and looked ahead to how we want our culture to be. From the clarity that come from knowing where we are and where we are going we explored possible ways forward, identified how we we choose the best of these, defined our actions to take and gathered our “fellowship”. You may not have created your ideal culture in the past two months, but if you’ve been with us on this journey and given attention to the questions on your Coaching Cultures Canvas, you’ll likely have a much clearer view of where your going and what it will take to get there. This in itself is something worth stepping back from and noticing as an achievement.

Learning from the experience

In all that you’ve done these past two months, there has been two components. The task being achieved and the you doing it. In this “Recognise” stage we’re shifting our attention away from others and away from the tasks and to ourselves.

Slow down.

Just for a few minutes.

Take a breath.


Notice the journey that you have been on these past two months.

Notice the you in that journey. There were times of great success. Times of struggle. Where along that journey do you need recognise your own efforts, achievements, situation, difficulties, successes? Was the journey a steady walk, a marathon, a sprint?

What do you notice about yourself now? How do you now feel? What are you now learning? About yourself? About the situation?

What needs to happen that hasn’t yet happened for you to be complete about this journey you’ve been on? How would you like to recognise yourself? Your team? Your fellowship?

Your Coaching Cultures Canvas

Go to your Coaching Culture Canvas. In the Recognise section, consider the following question and note down your thoughts.

How will we recognize our achievement?


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